In any business "Time Is Money"

and it is easy to see that

"Downtime Equates to 
Negative Cashflow"

When There's Trouble...
In any business "Time Is Money" and it is easy to see that
"Downtime Means Negative Cashflow"

Highly reliable Thermal Printers (including those with RFID) can quickly create labels for use on many different substrates for almost any application. These days just about anything that is sold has a tracking label attached in some form. Through computerization, Bar Code Tracking Technology allows anything of value to be recorded, inventoried, priced and distributed accurately.

When a Thermal Printer is not working, production and assembly lines can be halted, inventories can be wrong, pricing could be inaccurate, and packages might not get shipped.

When you need to keep your Thermal Printer working...
That's the time to contact PFM Services, LLC.

"Production had been smooth for the past six months then all of a sudden, the printer jammed and the assembly line stopped. Our on-staff mechanics couldn't fix it and we've been down for the last four days."
The Cost-Effective Bar Code / Thermal Printer
Repair and Maintenance Alternative